Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson is vice president of Intersectional Engagement at Auburn Theological Seminary, an initiative dedicated to equipping bold and resilient women faith leaders with the tools they need for a lifetime of prophetic social justice activism. Anderson is the founding director of the newest signature program of that initiative, The Sojourner Truth Leadership Circle, which aligns the creation of vibrant and sustainable models of activist leadership with an emphasis on self and community care as a defining and galvanizing mandate for social justice in the 21st century. In addition, Anderson works with Auburn’s education team on issues of intersectional organizing, bridging the divide between theology and activism, and on deepening the spiritually grounding of leaders in a multifaith movement for justice via the creation and curation of worship and liturgical resources.


1. How can you practice self-care in the way Lisa describes as radically inclusive and in resistance to commodification?

2. What does it mean to create 'disruptive communities' - spaces where those of us who are marginalized because of our identities - as Black people and People of Color, women, LGBTQ people, disabled people, immigrants, poor people - are centered and can be whole? For those of us who do not hold those identities, what does it mean to support and flank these communities?

3. How has centering competence informed the way you think about organizing work? What would it look like to prioritize other skills?